For men in Autumn/Winter 2023, this means puffed blouson jackets juxtaposed with crisper cashmere tailoring;
wrap-close cardigans with upright collars; cocooning coats in the most tactile wools.
A standout hybrid bomber combines a rich, warm woollen gilet with a gabardine under-jacket -
a modular piece that takes the wearer through all four seasons.
Textural play comes in luminescent shirting, closely boucléd knits, woollen felts - fabrics which reveal their idiosyncrasies only up close.
A colour palette of earthy shadow and light mimics the phases of the moon - and its many shades.
For women, a new kind of neckline sees a double curved opening on tops and dresses - perfect
for layering, or a distinctive reveal. Tailored coats in superlative cashmeres have soft lines, with
dipping hems and wrap closures. Volume play is seen in cocooning backs and longer line tunics.
The whole collection is designed to be as timeless as the moon; but equally full of mystery and
majesty. These are pieces that could never be tied to a year in time or a place; only to a planet
with infinite phases left.